LSD, Ololiuhqui & Other Ergolines

Ololiuhqui & Friends

Notes on the Present Status of
Ololiuhqui and the Other
Hallucinogens of Mexico
from Botanical Museum Leaflets, Harvard University,
Vol. 20, No. 6, Nov. 22, 1963, pp. 161-212.

Cultivation and propagation of Hawaiian Baby Woodrose

PSYCHEDELIC / Charles Savage, Willis W.
Harman and James Fadiman / From "Altered
States of Consciousness, A Book of Readings"
edited by Charles Tart

The culture and extraction of Ergot Alkaloids
from _Psychedelic Chemistry_ by Michael
Valentine Smith

Method of extracting Lysergic acid amide
from morning glory seeds

A compilation of peoples' experiences with Hawaiian Baby Woodrose

Ipomoea Usage Info from _Plants of the Gods_
by Schultes & Hofmann

An article on Lysergic acid amides in Stipa robusta

Some quick information on Ipomoea violacea

Lysergic Acid Diethylamide

A lengthy, reasonably well written LSD experience

A net user shares their thoughts on LSD

Someone writes their opinion on the of
effects of LSD on time

_Acid Dreams_ by Martin Lee and Bruce Shlain
Chapter One

Can LSD be used to cure those who are color

Some spew on how DOB can sometimes be
passed off and sold as LSD

Abstracts regarding low doses of LSD
from several different sources

Types of LSD found from 1973-1974

Frequently asked question about LSD
lots of info

LSD and creativity taken from _Journal
Psychoactive Drugs_ vol 21 1989, and A
Chemistry for World Peace from the _Journal
Of Drug Issues_ by William McGlothlin among

An article on LSD related psychosis

A survey on why people stop using LSD

Another Survey given to LSD users
questions on flashbacks, bad trips, etc.

A compilation of LSD users' experiences

LSD Synthesis text that was published in
1967 as The Psychedelic Guide to Preparation
Eucharist by Robert E. Brown

LSD in animal experiments and biological

A transcript from _Drugs and Behavior_ by
Fred Leavit on LSD and Related Hallucinogens

Using niacin to come down off of an LSD trip

A psychology paper on LSD titled _The Psychological Effects of LSD_ by Marc Anderson

Some answers to several questions concerning testing for LSD

Another compilation of LSD users' experiences


A picture of a sheet of 'chill pill' acid

A photo of Cary Grant taking acid

Another picture of a sheet of acid

A sheet of acid with fish on it

Picture of a sheet of acid with Hoffman on it

Three dimensional chemical structure of LSD

Photo of a sheet of acid with Mandalas

More mandala acid

Sheet of LSD with an octopus on it

Photo of four hits of pegasus

Pyramid acid with eye

Another photo of some LSD

A sheet of Beavis and Butthead acid

Albert Hoffman memorial acid '95 front

Albert Hoffman memorial acid '95 back

A photo of Claviceps purpurea (ergot)

A picture of Argyria nervosa (drawn)

A drawn picture of Ipomoea violacea

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