Ayahuasca, DMT, And Other Related Tryptamines

Native Use

From Agony to Ecstacy:
The Transformative Spirit of Yaje
By Jimmy Weiskopf with Paintings by Alexandre Segregio

Ayahuasca, Yage and Harmaline
Chapter seven of the third edition of the Psychedelics Encyclopedia by Peter Stafford

Ayahuasca Healing Sessions
Iquitos: The Search for a Healer
by Marlene Dobkin de Rios. Copyright 1972, Waveland Press, Inc.

Psychological Aspects of the Yage
Experience in an Experimental Setting
by Claudio Naranjo

Making Magic by Peter Gorman
An Amazonian adventure featuring nu-nu (dmt) snuff,
magic Sapo frogs, & strange occurances.

Common Themes in South American Indian Yage Experiences'
by Michael J. Harner

Ayahuasca Visions
Taken from _Visionary Vine: Hallucinogenic healing in the Peruvian Amazon_
by Marlene Dobkin de Rios. 1972, Waveland Press

Taken from _The Essential Psychedelic Guide_ by D.M. Turner - Copyright 1994, Panther Press

Amazonian Shamanism: The Ayahuasca Experience
by Dr. Thomas Pinkso

Apparent Communication with
Discarnate Entities Induced by
Dimethyltryptamine (DMT)
by Peter Meyer
from PM&E #5 collected by Thomas Lyttle

Shamanism and Priesthood in the Light of
the Campa Ayahuasca Ceremony
Gerald Weiss
Taken from _Hallucinogens & Shamanism_
Edited by Michael J. Harner. 1973, Oxford University Press

Ayahuasca & It's Mechanisms of Healing
Taken from _Visionary Vine: Hallucinogenic healing in the Peruvian Amazon_
by Marlene Dobkin de Rios. 1972, Waveland Press

The Ayahuasca-Alien Connection
Excerpts from: Ayahuasca Visions: The
Religious Iconography of a Peruvian Shaman

The diet Vegistalistas use before ingestion
of ayahuasca

Ayahuasca Drinkers among the Chamou Indians by Peter Lamborn Wilson
Originally written in the Psychedelic Review, 1965

The Use of Ayahuasca in Brazil by the
Santo Daime Religion, Rex Beynon (MAPS)

Diet and other preparations Vegetalistos make before ingesting Ayahuasca

An essay on Icaros and the Vegetalisto's supernatural

The Sound of Rishing Water by Michael Harner
About Ayahuasca and the Jivaro Indians

An article on Shamans and Ayahuasca from
Cosmopolitan (woo hoo!)

An origin myth of Yage

From PM&E - An Article entitled 'Amazonian Shamanism' on the
three-dimensional language revealed through the use of DMT

'The Vision Vine' by Earl Vickers.
Printed in Whole Earth Review #73

The Sex Life of the Psychedelic Toad
by Paul Rydeen
Taken from Crash Collusion Issue #3

Written Accounts of Use

Preying Mantis Entity Reports
Written accounts of different people who have been contacted by a preying mantis like entity

A well written account of a DMT trip (smoked)

Psychotria viridis + Peganum harmala experiment

Experiment - Anadenanthera culumbrina ground and smoked

Phalaris Grass + Peganum harmala experiment - Success!

A terrible experience - MDMA + Harmaline. Don't do it.

An experiment with MDMA+MDA+5-MEO-DMT Some very good descriptions of the Ayahuasca
experience from two people - contains a
small blurb on the smoking of Acacia maidenii

'The Mind's Eye: Personal Experiences with DMT' by James Kent

Another DMT Experience explained - intravenous.

An essay explaining two DMT experiences by Scott Fossel

A lengthy, well written account of an Ayahuasca experience using
Acacia phlebophylla and Peganum harmala

A account of a 5-Methoxy-DMT experience

The writer of this text file found on the
internet explains his experience with an
"Ayahuasca borealis" brew he made

Someone explains their experience with
smoking DMT

Someone on the net milks a Bufo
alvarius at a pet store and explains his

The DMT Experience from Food of the Gods
pp. 257-260 (By Terrence McKenna)

Account of a DMT trip from a book on

Programmed Communication During Experiences
With DMT (dimethyltryptamine)from the eighth
issue of Psychedelic Review, 1966
by Timothy Leary

Mothballs, Potions, and Toads

Excerpted information on Ayahuasca from
Harner, Luna, Ott, & McKenna

Several quick spurts concerning Desmanthus
illinoiensis extraction and use

Some dribblings on the DMT & Ayahuasca

Excerpts from several books concerning
Banisteriopsis caapi

Table of Ayahuasca admixture plants
Native name, Species and active constituents
(after McKenna, Luna, & Towers 1986; modified and enlarged)

Ayahuasca admixtures that are found in
Australia and information on each

Some short blurbs on Desmanthus illinoiensis

Some very basic info on Ayahuasca and DMT

An essay on Banisteriopsis caapi including
excerpts from several popular publications

A short article on Arundo donax

A Classification of Banisteriopsis Species
Used in Ayahuasca (After Junquera 1989)
& Native Classification of Ayahuasca Types
By Effects and Symbolism (After Junquera

Tryptamine Carriers by Petrus Pennanen

All of the Tables from Ayahuasca Analogues
by Jonathon Ott

'Ayahuasca-like effects obtained with Italian plants' by Francesco Festi &
Giorgio Samorini

Some information on Acacia spp.

Instructions on how to extract DMT from Acacia maidenii

Some info on Ginsberg's yage expedition in

. . . a note from underground by
"Gracie and Zarkov" Number 10
Ayahusca made with Harmala and synth DMT

DMT from Phalaris - an excellent article on
DMT, Ayahuasca, and Phalaris grass

Ayahausca definition

The Phalaris FAQ - Lots of info

DMT, Life and the Universe
Some informative text on Phalaris
Botany, Extraction, alkaloid content, etc.

The synthesis of DMT, includes pictures

The Psychedelic Model of Schizophrenia: The
Case of N,N-Dimethyltryptamine by Gillin,
Kaplan, Stillman & Wyatt
"American Journal of Psychiatry" 133;2
pp.203-208, February 1976

Journal of Psychedelic Drugs 8: 167-168. 1976
by Alexander T. Shulgin

. . . a note from underground
by "Gracie and Zarkov"

The DMT entry from the Merck Index

Smokable Dimethyltryptamine from Organic
Sources - includes addresses and extraction
procedures for Phalaris spp.

Dream Matrix Telemetry
Terrence McKenna's spoken work piece to a
recording by Zuvuya

An article on DMT taken from PM&E #6 Page 47 entitled 'Interpretations of the
Experience' by Peter Meyer

Excerpts from 'Haight Ashbury Flashbacks' on DMT, by Stephen Gaskin

'DMT and Hyperspace', by Peter Meyer

Frequently Asked Questions about tryptamines
MAO Inhibitors and Tryptamines
Synthesis of DMT Derivatives
Psychedelic Toads
The Fungi
The Plants

A guide on taking care of your Bufo alvarius

An essay on toad toxins

Bufo alvarius: the Psychedelic Toad of the
Sonoran Desert - by Albert Most

Peruvian Whistling Vessels

The toning of the (whistling) vessels is such, that one does not hear music when several vessels from one of the originating cultures are blown together, but rather is "shifted" into another realm and state of being for the duration of the whistling session.

Whistling of the Gods
an Interview With Don Wright
Keeper of the Peruvian Whistling Vessels

Peruvian Whistling Vessels That Alter Consciousness
A Brief History Of The Vessels

Peruvian Whistling Vessels
...the Doorway Re-opens
by Don Wright

MAOI Specific

A comprehensive list of foods to avoid while
under monoamine oxidase inhibition

'Peganum Harmala: The Hallucinogenic Herb of the American Southwest'
by Albert Most - from Venom Press

Another warning about Harmala alkaloids and
other MAO inhibitors, J.C. Callaway (MAPS)

From "The Alkaloids" Vol. II by Manske
(p393). Printed without permission.

An article by Lamont Granquist on Monoamine
Oxidase Inhibitors

The Dangers of MAOI's and why they can be

Neuro-Alchemy: Beta-Carbolines as Potentiating Agents
by J.B. Fleming


A picture of Arundo donax the 'Colorado
River Reed'

A three dimensional representation of the
chemical structure of 5-Methoxy-DMT

A photo of Phalaris tuberosa in JPEG format

A photo of Phalaris minor in JPEG format

A drawing of Peganum harmala

A painting of Phalaris arundinacae

A photograph of Phalaris arundinacae

A drawing of Banisteriopsis caapi

Another Photograph of Phalaris arundinacae

A painting of Psychotria viridis

Color picture of Bufo alvarius

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