Entheogenic Amanita Species

A Siberian shaman in a muscaria induced trance state

AMANITA MUSCARIA: Mycopharmacological Outline
and Personal Experiences by Francesco Festi and Antonio Bianchi
Taken from PM&E Volume Five

Amanita muscaria and pantherina information
taken from _Mushrooms Demystified_ by
David Arora

A photograph of Amanita muscaria growing
in grass

Directions on preparation and ingestion
of Amanita muscaria

A compilation of Amanita information
taken from _The Hallucinogens", _Journal of
Psychedelic drugs_, etc.

Divine Mushroom of Immortality
(Fly Agaric Kamachadal) by Georg Heinrich von Langsdorf
Frankfurt 1809

Black and white picture of Amanita pantherina

Black and white picture of Amanita muscaria

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