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The Shaman
Voyages of the Soul, Trance, Ecstasy, and Healing from Siberia to the Amazon

Piers Vitebsky

Pages: 185
Price: $14.95
Publisher: Little, Brown & Co.
Pub Date: 1995
ISBN: 0316903043

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$14.95 ($13.45 w/discount)

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Table of Contents >

The Shamanic Worldview
Regional Traditions
Becoming a Shaman
Shamans and Clients
Understanding Shamans
Documentary Reference (Directory, Movements, Bibliography, Index, Credits, Acknowledgments

Description >

Colorful, illustrated introduction to world of the shaman. Sections on initiation, healing methods, and shamanic mental states and use of plants. Sources, bibliography, index. Great color photos!  - Mind Books

Reviews/Excerpts >
"A shaman from Nepal met a Westerner who remarked how good it must be to live in harmony with the cosmos. The shaman replied, 'The main part of my job is killing witches and sorcerers.'" Anthropologist Piers Vitebsky gives us a balanced account of shamans and shamanic practices from Siberia to the Amazon rain forest that takes into account every facet of a mysterious and increasingly popular religious phenomenon. Field-work anecdotes combined with hundreds of full-color photographs draw the reader into a complex essentialist world which, though it may be following primitive societies into extinction, seems to still manifest itself in many aspects of modern man's religion, literature, and psyche. Extensive bibliography includes a list of new shamanic movements. - Amazon

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