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Forest of Visions
Ayahuasca, Amazonian Spirituality, and the Santo Daime Tradition

Alex Polari De Alverga

Pages: 254
Price: 14.95
Publisher: Park Street Press
Pub Date: 
ISBN: 0931146283

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Table of Contents >

Chapter 1 The Magician of Rio Branco
Chapter 2 The Prophet of the Amazon
Chapter 3 The Divine Gardener
Chapter 4 Zen Canoeing in the Igarape Mapia
Chapter 5 The Doctor of the Jurua
Chapter 6 Padrinho Sebastiao and Mestre Irineu
Chapter 7 I Raise This Banner
Chapter 8 The Duel with the Sorcerer
Chapter 9 I light My Candlesticks
Chapter 10 Feitio: God's Will, Human Action
Chapter 11 The Spiritual Rebirth
Chapter 12 Memories of the Past
Chapter 13 Love is to be Shared
Chapter 14 New World, New Life
Chapter 15 The End of Time
Chapter 16 The Future of New Jerusalem

Description >
Mind Books -

New book by elder of Brazilian Santo Daime ayahuasca church. Both his personal extraordinary story of spiritual quest, and that of the church, its psychoactive sacraments and ecologically sustainable jungle community. Also combines both an extensive treatment of the beliefs and worldview of the Church with a readable and interesting account of personal and organizational growth. Notes and glossary. 

Back Cover -

Forest of Visions, a story of a classic spiritual encounter comparable to the Tibetan Saint Milarepa's search for his teacher Marpa, is also an intrimate account of the genesis of an important religious tradition that from modest beginnings in Brazil has now spread throughout the world - and continues to grow.  Alverga's tale provides an inside look at the spiritually centered village of Marpia, a model for communities in the twenty-first century, and at the religious leader who helped create it.

Reviews/Excerpts >

Part biography, part document of spiritual wisdom, Forest of Visions is a fascinating story that satisfies on many levels. Author Alex Polari de Alverga spent years as a political prisoner during military rule in Brazil. Here he recounts his spiritual transformation after release under the tutelage of Padrinho Sebastião Mota de Mela, one of the founders of the Santo Daime religion. Forest of Visions is also a study of the inner workings of the Santo Daime utopian community of 500 in the heart of the Amazonian rainforest. The Santo Daime is a Christian-indigenous syncretic religion that centers around the drinking of a sacramental psychedelic tea called Ayahuasca as a shortcut to spiritual revelation and growth. After years of study, the Brazilian government decided that Ayahuasca positively benefited society and church members, and declared it legal. Approximately 50 Santo Daime churches now exist around the world, including in the U.S., Japan, and Holland, with various legal statures. The forward by Stephen Larsen, author of The Shaman's Doorway, and the preface by Jonathan Goldman provide an informative transition from our world to the realm of this mysterious and unique Amazonian cult. -- P. Randall 

. . . moving and often poetic writing. The book is a saga and a memoir... giving us insight into the spiritual path... - Charlie Tilt, Talking Leaves

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