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LSD Psychotherapy
An Exploration of Psychedelic and Psycholytic Therapy

W.V. Caldwell

Pages: 330
Price: $30-140 (Out of Print)
Publisher: Grove Press
Pub Date: 1969
Library of Congress: 68-22006

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Table of Contents >
Part One:  History and Practice
1. The First Twenty Years
2. Another Reality
3. The Door to What?
4. The Los Angeles Group
5. Risks of the Psychedelics
6. Advantages in Therapy
7. Elements of Sounds Therapy
8. Sandison
9. The Mark
10. Therapy Today
Part Two: The Basic Fantasies
11. The Riddle of the Mind
12. The Way Back
13. Universal Images
14. Hostility
15. Who Wants Reality?
16. Traumas
17. Divisions of the Mind
18. Siblings
19. The Self
20. Male and Female
21. Mommy, Where Did I Come From?
22. The Breast
23. Parent-Child
24. The Murder
25. Death
26. Identity
27. Incest
28. The Renewed Self
29. Toward Reality
30. Some Aspects of Theory
Description >
Caldwell travelled widely in the USA and Europe visiting and studying results in the practices or clinics of psychiatrists using LSD as a psychotherapeutic tool. In the book he gives an excellent synthesis of the mass of information and experience gathered.
Reviews/Excerpts >

I come back to this book again and again because Caldwell has given such a wide map of the worlds of experience one meets during any prolonged inward exploration or work on oneself. What he says does not simply apply to LSD, but to any real personal growth. However, this is the real stuff, not just the fantasy hopes of achievement. Therefore it includes not only the experience of samahdi/enlightenment or oneness, but also the inner traumatised child, the meeting with the betrayal we may have felt as an infant, and the murder we would like to commit on those who hurt us.  - 'Dream'


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