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Pharmacophilia or The Natural Paradises

Jonathon Ott

Pages: 192
Price: $35.95hb or $17.95pb
Publisher: Natural Products Co.
Pub Date: 1997
ISBN: 1888755016

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Hardcover $35.95 ($32.35 w/discount)
Paperback $17.95 ($16.15 w/discount)

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Table of Contents >
Prelude - Phytomphalos
1. Les Paradis Naturls
2. Celestial Pharmaceutics
3. Idiosyncrasy and Pharmacophilia
4. Phsychopharmalogical Engineering
5. Psychonautics and Pharmacohedonoly
Description >
Mind Books -

Ott's latest opus on the value and benefits of drug experiences. Phytomphalos, natural paradises, celestial pharmaceutics, idiosyncracy and pharmacophilia, psychopharmacological engineering, psychonautics and pharmacohedonology. Also covers drug education, smart drugs and drug smarts. Includes the author's fascinating endnotes (as long as the text) plus an extensive index.


Reviews/Excerpts >

From Phytomphalos:

Psychonauts or cosmonauts, they came from beyond the Milky Way, aboard Anaconda-Canoe, our primordial parents - the Desana call her Gahpi Mahso, or 'Caapi Woman' - ascending the mighty rivers of the Upper Amazon, fecund serpents of the soil, even to the hoary Rock of Nyi on the Pira-parana; there, on the Equator so they say... there, to people the planet.  From beyond the Milky Way they came, psychocosmonauts, Anaconda-Canoe-borne on Ahpikondia, the River of Milk, where the House of the Waters stood, there to people the planet.  Anaconda-Canoe also bore a precious, verdant cargo; exotic plants, some say, from beyond the Milky Way, just three - cassava, ipadu and caapi - to sustain our bodies, minds and spirits.

Here is the real Trinity, of this we can be certain; for our lives, like most life on this planet, hang on threads of plants, greent leafy lifelines 'twixt planetary dust and stllar fire - not on the whims of some wizened, graybeard god, thronethralled. . . . 


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