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Dr. Albert Hofmann

Pages: 126
Price: $14.95
Publisher: Humanics New Age
Pub Date: 1989
ISBN: 0893341169

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Table of Contents >
Editor's Foreword
The Interrelation Between Inner and Outer Space
Security in the Natural Scientific-Philosophical View of Life
On Possession
Botanical Reflections on the Death of the Rain Forests
The Sun, a Nuclear Power Station
Description >
More philosophical in tone than LSD, My Problem Child. The transmitter/receiver model of reality. Interrelations between inner and outer space, possession and property, and mankind, nature, and the natural sciences. The death of the rainforest.
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From the back cover:

"Albert Hofmann is a true visionary, one of those rare individuals who can follow the intricacies of science to the edge of the known, where it transforms into spirit."  - Paul Zuromski, Body, Mind & Spirit

Excerpt from book:

The mark of true great thinkers has always been their scholarship and academic accomplishments, as well as the ability to translate difficult concepts in an accessible form. Dr. Albert Hofmann, Member of the Nobel Prize Committee, Fellow of the World Academy of Sciences, Member of the International Society for Plant Research, and the American Society of Pharmacognosy, is such a man. ... Dr. Hofmann draws from his immense knowledge of the physical and social sciences to weave a picture of reality, both objective and spiritual, that is accessible to all. Touching first on one realm of conjecture and then another, he draws us into a kinetic but very controlled dance of reasoning. This wonderful train of thought spirals around and around, always relevant and revealing, until finally the dance ends and the entire concept emerges complete and multi-dimensional. As always, Dr. Hofmann not only leads us to places in the mind where we have never been before, but he also bids us to use our new-found insight as a launching area for further intellectual meditation. (Robert Grayson Hall, Editor's Foreword, pages vii-viii)

Everyone is, in fact, his own philosopher, for every human experiences the world in a unique manner ... (Introduction, page xvi)


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