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The Age of Entheogens & The Angels' Dictionary

Jonathon Ott

Pages: 160
Avg. Price: $18
Publisher: Natural Products Co.
Pub Date: 1995
ISBN: 0961423471

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Table of Contents >
The Age of Entheogens
1. The Age of Entheogens
2. The Pharmacratic Inquisition
3. The Entheogenic Reformation
4. Agape:Vac or Logos...  The Divine Afflatus
Interlude: Nezahualcoyotl's Ode to Entheogens

The Angel's Dictionary
The Angel's Dictionary
Toward a Vocabulary for Sacred Inebriants, Ecstatic States and Kindred Topics


Description >
First, a radical history of the Pharmacratic Inquisition, the attempt to suppress the direct ecstatic experience of entheogens with placebo religious sacraments, and the coming Entheogenic Reformation. Plus, a delightful dictionary of sacred inebriants and their mind states, with definitions and quotes from classic drug literature.
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From the back cover:

The Age of Entheogens is a radical reexamination of the history of western civilization, exploring the brutal suppression of ecstatic, experiential religions by the 1600-year-old Pharmacratic Inquisition, leading up to the contemporary Entheogenic Reformation, or frank replacement with genuine entheogens of the placebo sacrements at the hollow center of today's purely symbolic religions.

The Angels' Dictionary is a lexicon having 318 words pertaining to sacred inebriants, ecstatic states and kindred topics, with 290 definitions supported by 445 quotations from classic drug and general literature in 6 languages; including 37 neologisms as well as 70 entries from 29 non-European languages; made in response to R. Gordon Wasson's trenchant call for "a vocabulary to describe all the modalities of a Divine Inebriant."

Could there ever be a more damning indictment of the spiritual bankruptcy of our vaunted western civilization... than the fact that it has transubstantiated the sacred fruit of the Tree of Life, the veritable well-spring of all culture... into scurvy contraband... made the truth a secret... the Logos a dirty word...?


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