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Psychedelic Drugs Reconsidered - Lester Grinspoon & James B. Bakalar


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  • Marijuana Law - Richard Glen Boire; Paperback; $13.45

      New edition. Practical, accurate information on federal drug laws: forfeiture, searches, warrants, houses, cars, gardens, arrest rights, attorneys, sentencing, and drug testing. Covers many fine points which could literally save your assets!


  • Sacred Mushrooms and the Law - Richard Glen Boire 1995; Spectral Mindustries, 36 pg sm pp, 9.95 + 3.00 s/h

      Describes federal and all state laws on psilocybin mushrooms and compounds. California law against spores; legal difference between mushrooms and their active compounds. Religious Freedom Restoration Act as defense for religious use. By noted lawyer and author of the fine Entheogen Law Reporter newsletter. Recommended.


  • On Drugs - David Lenson; Hardcover; $19.76

      Challenges the way we think about drugs. How drugs affect philosophy, psychology, religion, literature, and (especially) consumerism; what this implies for public policy. Interesting user's perspective from professor of comparative literature. Cannabis and the War Against Dreams. Acid metaphysics. Squares and Cubes: Drug Combinations.


  • The Politics of Consciousness : A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom - Steve Kubby, Terence McKenna; Paperback; $17.06

      Speaks to external freedom from voodoo drug laws, and then to internal freedom using the wisdom of psychedelic plants. Molecular Theology. Exopheromones. Downloading the Cosmic Design. Mushrooms as Manna from Heaven. Visionary rites-of-passage. How belief creates reality. Healing cancer. Forward by Terence McKenna.


  • Marijuana : The Law and You : A Guide to Minimizing Legal Consequences - Ed Rosenthal, et al; Paperback; $22.46

      Latest guide to practical American drug law. How to stay out of trouble and out of jail. Picking a lawyer; current legal strategies and tactics. Written for cannabis growers and users (and their lawyers), but much also applies to psychedelics. Finely detailed. Recommended.


  • Our Right to Drugs : The Case for a Free Market - Thomas Szasz; Hardcover; $17.96

      Later and more pro-active case for a free market in prescription and recreational drugs. How drugs became an exception to property and privacy rights; the cult of drug disinformation; how the drug war persecutes minorities; and makes doctors fear to relieve pain.


  • LSD: Still With Us After All These Years - Leigh A. Henderson, William J. Glass; Hardcover; $23.00

      Great report on LSD use today from researchers. Says it's mostly used by upper-class college and late high school youth to escape boredom and challenge themselves, and causes few long-term problems. Good introduction to effects of LSD, and its distribution. Excellent chapter on the relatively rare adverse effects, and one on legal status. Well researched and referenced.


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