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Psychedelic Review Issue 1

Pages: 116
Price: $50-200
Pub Date: 1963

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Statement of Purpose

Can This Drug Enlarge Man's Mind? - Gerald Heard

The Subjective After-Effects of Psychedelic Experiences:  A Summary of Four Recent  Questionnaire Studies - The Editors

The Hallucinogenic Fungi of Mexico:  An Inquiry Into the Origins of the Religious Idea Among Primitive Peoples - R. Gordon Wasson

A Touchstone for Courage - Plato

Provoked Life: An Essay on the Anthropology of the Ego - Gottfried Benn

The Individual As Man/World - Alan W. Watts

Annihilating Illumination - George Andrews

The Pharmacology of Psychedelic Drugs - Ralph Metzner

Notes on Contributors

The International Association for Internal Freedom

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