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Miserable Miracle
Henri Michaux

Pages: 89
Avg Price: $20-$80 PaperBack
Publisher: City Lights Books
Pub Date: 1963
ISBN: ????

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Table of Contents >
1. Forward
2. With Mescaline
3. Characteristics Of Mescaline
4. Indian Hemp
5. Reflections
Description >
From Back Cover:

    by the great French poet & painter, Henri Michaux.  Very Beautifully translated by Louise Varese, this book records in words and drawings the poet's profound experience with mescaline, the hallucinogen which Michaux described as a drug that "de-mystifies," unmasking the mind and its secrets and the secrets of consciousness itself.

From Little Blue Light

The first in a series of works detailing his experiments with drugs. Here it is a search for knowledge through mescaline. We follow his many anguishes and ecstasies through short pieces and drawings that are a product of both reflection on his past experience and his heated imagination during intoxication. 

Reviews/Excerpts >

   "...and then, in short, you find yourself in a situation that nothing less than fifty different, simultanious, contradictory onomatopoeias, changing every half-second, could adequately convey...."

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