Sexual Meditations

The sexual experience can be used to explore enhanced states of being in much the same way as any other sensual experience can be used. Tradition techniques of meditation or concentration make use of paying attention to a candle flame or some other object. Sexual meditations involve paying careful attention to the sexual experience. This choice simplifies the act of concentration because no work is required to keep the mind present and attentive. The instinctive power of the sexual experience allows one to easily be attentive to the moment.

This type of meditation is usually referred to as Tantric meditation. The use of the term Tantric is somewhat inappropriate because this term describes a very broad range of Buddhist and Hindu rituals that for the most part have nothing to do with sex. Tantric more correctly referrs to the use of ritual to go beyond the senses into mystical states of experience. This might involve meditation upon a mantra or sacred word ... or meditation on a mandala, music, incense ... many rituals.

For this reason we prefer to use the term Sexual Meditations for this type of experience. The following files are selected from the internet resources ...


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