MALE MULTIPLE ORGASMS: AN INTERVIEW WITH JACK JOHNSTON This article appeared in Volume 1, Issue 3 (1995) of Widdershins, a Northwest Pagan Newspsper by Dedric ( Like many members of the pagan community today, I have an interest in Tantric sexuality. The thought that something as inherently pleasurable as sex could also be a vehicle for spiritual growth is certainly intriguing. However, I must confess that my efforts to understand "Tantra" have been less than successful: many books available in English on the topic seem to contradict each other on major points, while others diverge radically from historical "Tantra" while still implying that their method is the same ancient wisdom. That doesn't help clear things up. So it was with great relief that I discovered the work of Jack Johnston. I had the good fortune to attend his workshop at the last Spring Mysteries Festival, and was very impressed. His approach has strong spiritual overtones, while maintaining an appealing simplicity and honesty. I met Jack Johnston over the internet in early July, 1995 to conduct this interview: > Could you describe briefly "Male Multiple Orgasm Step by Step"? Male Multiple Orgasm Step by Step teaches ALL genders how to intensify erotic experience. The added benefit for men is that the techniques can be used to separate orgasm from ejaculation, BUT WITHOUT >>ANY<< holding back of breath, muscle tightening, tongue curling, etc. As far as I've been able to find in the literature, this method has never been described before. Some women are reporting that using the techniques not only intensify their orgasms, but sometimes also leads them TO ejaculate! The tape or Audio Guide is only one of >three< components to the Seminar. There is a Guide Book of Questions and Answers / Tips and Techniques, and there is also the Internet discussion which currently has about 150k to 200k of additional dialogues with people from all over the world about the topic. The web site is still primitive but we'll be making improvements to it soon; meanwhile the information, though not yet glamorously presented, I believe to be quite compelling. I'm also working on getting together a weekly realtime chat via IRC - REALLY looking forward to THAT! > Could you describe the basic technique? The basic technique involves learning how to use a certain kind of breathing AND SOUND to FULLY DISCHARGE the rising erotic energy, rather than (in the case of the male) discharging this energy through the penis in the form of ejaculation. The breath involves a certain kind of pushing down motion of the abdomen upon exhaling, so that the lower belly actually expands or swells with the sound, as does a lion's belly when it roars. The INITIAL body position best seems to be lying on one's back, with KNEES BENT. This is very important for men to avoid the ejaculation. Legs straight frequently leads to ejaculation. Knees bent helps avoid this, when used in combination with the breathing I just described, and the following sound. The sound, at least initially, is more or less "huuuuUUUHHHH!!!" with the "pushing down" motion at the "UUUHHHH" part of the sound. As someone SLOWLY adds erotic stimulation and the energy rises, the art is in learning how to "dump" this energy into that huuuuUUUUHHHH!!! sound, which is pretty much a roar or a growl... but coming from DEEP within us, not just from the throat or upper chest. In fact if you try to make that sound very strongly but are not breathing correctly, you may strain your vocal chords! > What anatomical areas correspond to the so-called "hot spots"? The hot spots may be found by probing with the three middle fingers along the fibrous-feeling "chord" that is the lower penis, reaching from the anus forward along the shaft to where the scrotum connects to the underside of the penis. There can be hot spots all along this area. > What are the qualitative and quantitative differences and similarities > between Male Multiple Orgasms and Female Multiple Orgasms? Quantitatively, once one has learned THIS process, there are virtually no gender differences! THAT'S PART OF THE TREMENDOUS BREAKTHROUGH about this information! Qualitatively, many women report that my descriptions of this experience and the feelings they feel when THEY try these techniques, suggest that these kinds of orgasms are qualitatively VERY similar as well! Let's hear it for the power of androgyny! And of course, this kind of union of experience bodes very well for those alchemically inclined... I think there are tremendously positive potentials available here for experience of the Great Rite, in fact the entire Circle's experience during the Great Rite! >What are the qualitative differences and similarities between each of >the male multiple orgasms and the traditional male solitary orgasms? Qualitatively, the non-ejaculatory methods yield MUCH more intense orgasms, and when the non-ejaculatory orgasms are followed by ejaculorgasm, it tends to be much more intense than is typical. > Can this technique be done silently? Is vocalization the only method you > have discovered that works? Ahhh. This is where many people get stuck, and to me it shows right where a definite core to our internalized sexual oppression lies! This is also the path to liberation and revolutionary change! The tantrics have talked about this power. The "bad guy" (played by John Lone) in the film The Shadow demo'd a negative use of this power when he projected this kind of sound at a large window, shattering it thereby. Reich also spoke of the power of the sound, as well as the power a fascist state (seen any lately?) has over its minions when it is able to effect a repression of the erotic orgasmic energy. One of the very first places this happens is around the sound. The sound brings up all kinds of furballs: shame, embarrassment, performance anxiety... all sorts of "fu dogs." I don't believe it's very easy at all, to learn how to do this without using the sound. Once it has been learned, the sound CAN be muffled somewhat or redirected into a more "breathy" sound at times, but I also notice that that definitely changes the ability to experience the energy more fully. > What led you to this line of work? I've always been a teacher, and have long (even in this lifetime) been a witch... I'm taurus and so very connected to the earth and to Pan's energy. I've long felt that we didn't know the whole story about orgasms for men, since I saw what distortions were laid on women's experience (often by >male< scientists) about what >they< were or were not able to feel. I just figured there very likely was a lot of distortion for men too... especially since society has such a big investment in creating soldiers, and only the most minimal investment in fostering nurturers, especially among males. > What spiritual paths did you learn from before creating Male Multiple > Orgasms? First the dream practice I described above, and how that over the years has led me to meet many of my "Id Entities" or subpersonalities. One who awakened a few years back, after I'd been studying Merlin Stone, Marija Gimbutas, Annie Sprinkle, Cosi Fabian, and others, is named Yumm (pronounced you'm), who remembers having served in the Temples of Inanna. Of course, my particular version of being a witchshaman or "paleopagan" has also provided a funky, fertile bed. Some Tantric concepts, such as "Pleasure rides the breath and sound" have also been key. > Do any traditional spiritual faiths practice anything similar to this? Tantra is right in the very same neighborhood, but I've yet to see anything in print that has previously described this method. I might add that I do occasionally get from males: "Oh I already know how to do that." A very few, upon further inquiry, actually seem to be telling the truth. A much larger number seem to be engaging in some variant of Male Answer Syndrome, perhaps attempting to mask some perceived loss of face at not already knowing this. It's powerful stuff and it breaks loose all kinds of issues for people. Of course for men, it's yet ANOTHER thing we're "supposed to" "master" and it's about sex, which makes it even "worse." > How has your work been received in the pagan community? I seem to get a little more of the I Already Know syndrome from this sector, but it's still pretty early to be conclusive. Conversely, a lot of folks are very enthusiastic about it. Some get frustrated and give up when they don't "get it" after trying "it" once or twice, but fortunately quite a few are doing as I suggest repeatedly throughout the seminar, to approach it as a >path< of exploration, that may take some time. Sorry, it's not usually found at the drive up at McOrgasm's! > Who has been the most receptive to your ideas? Women, and some men. > What potential do you see for this work in magickal contexts? Because it restores a very important erotoenergetic balance between the genders, and because I teach how to pass the orgasms back and forth through the sound, I think it has >tremendous< potential and importance for magick! Once you learn how to open these gates, these orgasms are possible with OR WITHOUT direct erotic stimulation! It's about opening the HEART and not just the groin! Basically I see two kinds of magick, the magick that is about love and the magick that is about power. Those who base their practice on power rather than love may have more difficulty with this. When one is able to open the heart chakra and feel the rising love, PASSIONATE love for a partner, a fellow covener, the Moon, the Sacred Grove, what>ever<, it is possible to share orgasms with them! This by the way IS talked about in Tantra. That ALL of life IS orgasm, and that it is possible to just access this orgasmic energy by shifting one's attention to it, opening the heart, breathing, and allowing the orgasmic roar to come into the world. > Does this work have an impact on everyday quality of life? Wow! Absolutely!!! Including for people who may be quite disabled, and for men who have erectile difficulties. Because it's no longer about the penis, although the penis can be involved... it's about the ENERGY!!! Basically I find this experience to be very validating for much of what I have discovered in my practice as a witch, and much of what I have heard about "shaping energy." This can be experienced in intercourse, in a b/d session, in a circle, in a glance across the room, in "dry-humping," a loving touch, a loving thought... > Could Male Multiple Orgasms change the world? Yes! They ARE! > How? First, the word is now out on the Internet. I get mail from all over the planet. I get mail saying "I heard about your FAQ" etc. So that's the first good news... people are talking about this, all over the place! It's also a very powerful meme in that it SHIFTS that balance between men and their sexual partners. For example, if a man has a female partner, there can often be a great deal of resentment festering below the surface, because of the perception that women "get to" have many many many many orgasms, and men "get to" have only 1, 2 or a few. All kinds of resentment can get going in both (or all!) partners! This of course is also true, but for different reasons, if the partner is male. The thing is I think males generally suffer from what I call "ejaculation compulsion." Since most men only know how to experience orgasm with ejaculation, they have been enculturated to believe that they are the same. Consequently the guy feels "less than." And he may lose some face as a result of this, and he may try to make up for that, say by building bigger and bigger things that shoot!!! Basically I believe war is giant circle jerk. As witches we know that in times past when people wanted to celebrate the phallus they made more literal representations and paraded THOSE up and down the village square, to celebrate fertility! These were often accompanied by literal representations of the sacred yoni ("vagina" is Latin [i.e. Roman] for "sheath of the sword."). Violence is erotic - ask b/d folk! But even NON-consensual violence is erotic - WAY MORE erotic than most military LEADERS will admit; ask the Gulf War pilots what it felt like to "launch a big one!" Ask G. Gordon Liddy, whose email address is! Already a number of times men have spontaneously offered that after working with this practice, they don't resent women any more, or they don't resent them "as much." They no longer feel that women are holding some power of pleasure that men have to somehow coax out of them, or just take. They now feel that the source of their pleasure is within themselves, and that they may (if so inclined) >share< this with female partners. Yeah, I think this meme can work a little change... > What's next? Next is to continue to get the word out on this, to help other people learn how to do it so they can teach others. So, that means more interviews, continued work on the Internet Web site, getting the weekly IRC forum up and running, sequel audio and video guides, as we all learn more about this gift. > Where would you like to see this work go? Into every bedroom, with love! > Jack, thank you very much for your time. You're welcome! Keep up the good work! Contact Information ------------------- *MALE MULTIPLE ORGASM STEP BY STEP* by Jack Johnston, M.A. Jack Johnston Seminars 1257 Siskiyou Blvd., Suite 195-W Ashland, OR 97520 (503) 488-8331 Voice (503) 482-6241 Fax E-Mail: FTP Site: WWW Page: One may order the tape by e-mail, by regular mail, or by telephone (1-800-349-9866). Visa and Mastercard are accepted. The price is $14.95, plus $3.95 S&H. The Male Multiple Orgasm package is also available at Powell's Books in Portland, and through catalogs: Pacific Spirit, Xandria, Lambda Rising, Catalog X, etc. A two-hour video set teaching how to make masks out of paper mache is also available - it won a Bronze Apple from the National Educational Film and Video Festival. Manuscripts describing a powerful method of working with dreams are available as well. Jack's learning how to "remember" male multiple orgasm is a result of this dream practice. Additional information on sexuality is available over the World Wide Web via the Society for Human Sexuality: Namaste!