Ravi Singh's yoga manuals are a cornucopia of priceless techniques for every aspect of your total self. Each book offers yoga routines & meditations for personal practice. They also list the full range of benefits each exercise offers. In addition these books are filled with the history, philosophy & poetry of this sacred science. Ravi Singh's manuals are for all fitness levels.

Kundalini Yoga for Body, Mind, & Beyond

The Best Yoga Manual Around

Here's the "how to" book with inner & outer workouts for energy, excellence, and ecstasy. Chapters include: Flexible & Free, O My Healthy Back, The Inside Story, & More. 224 pp. Beautifully illustrated. Ravi Singh has done a great job translating this ancient technology into a modern framework. This book features large easy to follow drawings & a spiral binding which allows the book to stay open during your workout. (Now available in Spanish!)

ISBN:0-9615707-1-7 $17.95

¡En Español!

Yoga Kundalini - Para el Cuerpo, la Mente y Más Allá

Le offrece una poderosa y práctica tecnología para su bienestar, su salud y su desarrollo espiritual.

Ravi Singh le ha brindado Yoga Kundalini a un numeroso público por toda la nación durante los últimos 23 años.
Su habilidad de trasladar la natigua tecnología del yoga a un marco moderno le ha merecido el respeto general. Su enfoque es poderoso y poético, a la vez que meditativo y conmovedor.

ISBN:1-886942-10-2 $17.95

Seven Days / Seven Rays - A Week of Kundalini Yoga

A Different Workout Everyday

This beautifully crafted step by step Kundalini Yoga workout book offers sets and meditations capitalizing on the energy of each day. Monday's set is for emotional balance, Tuesday's set turns anger into inspiration, Wednesday's set is for communication & the power of the spoken word. Great photographs and Ravi Singh's inspired writing make this more than just another yoga book.

ISBN: 0-9615-9-2 $15.95

Kundalini Yoga for Strength, Success, & Spirit

A Lifetime of Yoga in One Book

A massive amount of information is contained herein. More great sets and new insights into the body/mind construct. Includes a mix and match section to customize your own warm-up sets. Other chapters include: Love Your Liver, Breathings, & Master Meditations. Consummately crafted with photographs.

ISBN: 0-9615707-2-5 $15.95

Count Your Blessings - Yoga/Numerology of the 10 Bodies of Light

Predicting Your Future is as Easy as 1, 2, 3!

If you're a number 5 you need to exercise everyday. If you're a number 7 your presence can either work for you or against you. If you're a 1 your head & heart are often at war. Using only your birthdate learn how to calculate your strengths, weaknesses, gifts, and True Path. This simple system is said to be more accurate than astrology & no complicated calculations required. Once you get the hang of this system you can give your friends readings on the spot.

ISBN: 1-886942-005 $12.95

Long Song to the One I Love

Ravi Singh's Word Music Will Dazzle You

ÒMake me a spoke in the wheel of those / who are forever turning in praise. Ravi Singh's poetry combines an ecstatic and fiery devotional sense with a consummate command of craft. His writing will dazzle inspire & uplift you. 70 pages.

ISBN: 0-9615707-0-9 $8.95

Other Books:

Foods for Health & Healing

- by Yogi Bhajan

This unique book contains a wealth of knowledge on food and health. Yogi Bhajan combines ancient Indian medical teachings with his own practical experience as a Master of the healing arts and as a master chef. Contains recipes and recommendations you1ll find nowhere else.


The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan

- The Power of the Spoken Word by Yogi Bhajan

This is a book of timeless Wisdom transmitted by one of the great Teachers of our age. Read his words on Love, Happiness, God, Mind, & Relationships. Your view of the Universe will be transformed. This book has been formulated based on the science of Naad Yoga . Read 9 - 11 pages out loud and experience higher consciousness. $9.95

The Golden Temple Vegetarian Cookbook

- by Yogi Bhajan

Over 300 delicious recipes made famous by the Golden Temple restaurants: soups, salads, entries, desserts, breads, and beverages from all over the world.


Sadhana Guidlines

- by Yogi Bhajan

A classic Kundalini Yoga manual featuring sets & meditation to enhance your personal practice. Also: lectures & additional information on the philosophy & science of this powerful technology.


A First Aid Kit for Divorce Survival

- by Sat Tara Kaur Khalsa

Breaking up is hard to do. This informative & consoling book will help ease your way through that passage. You will learn how the breakup of a relationship or marriage is not the end of your life but the beginning of a new one.


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