Dancing Meditation Archive

Collected by Ian Soutar

Dancing meditations are most closely associated with the Sufis. Early Islamic sects nicknamed the Whirling Dervishes have since victorian times been known for their ecstatic dances. They danced to become one with the divine and moved into a special state of mind. All cultures cultivate dance for the fun and entertainment that it brings. Dancing is wholesome, fun and as a therapy can transform peoples depression into ecstasy within a few minutes. Aggression is also harmlessly released though dance. If more people danced there would be less violence in the world.

Even in our rock and roll culture dancing is esteemed for its mind altering effects. Many people dance for the pure fun and the therapeutic effects that it brings. Exercise, release from stress, increased creativity and attainment of meditative states of mind are all available through dancing. It is one of the healthiest and intense methods for achieving altered states of mind.

This archive will contain information relating to Sufi dancing, Dances of Universal Peace and Sacred Circle Dancing.

More information on dancing mediations can be found in the Meditation Archive where the dancing mediations of Bhagwan Rajneesh are kept.

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Updated: Jan 3, 1997