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The following list was last updated on February 28th, 1995. If you have any additions or corrections, please E-mail them to: "". If you know of any consciousness related patents dating before 1970, please e-mail the numbers to me for inclusion in this list. I would also like to include Canadian and British patents, so please contact me if you know of any.

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* Comments in the "Comments" section are my own. * I've included a new field ("Marketed as") in each entry where I have seen an inventor's name linked with a product in promotional literature. * If you find this list useful, please drop me a note. I can't promise a response, but you'll make me happy and wouldn't that be nice? * Future versions of this list will be subdivided into the following categories:

A. LIGHT/SOUND DEVICES B. LIGHT ONLY DEVICES C. SOUND ONLY DEVICES D. CES/TENS DEVICES E. BIOFEEDBACK DEVICES (expect to see considerably more of these) F. DREAM DETECTION DEVICES G. SUBLIMINAL MESSAGE DEVICES H. MISCELLANEOUS * Future versions of this document will also contain alphabetical (by inventor) and numerical indices for quick reference. * No, I will not mail you copies of these patents. Instructions for obtaining patents are included at the end of this document. * I will include new entries at the beginning of this list for easy reference.

Patent Number 4775805 Marketed as Audio Imagery (TM) Binaural Signal Generator Title unknown (haven't looked it up yet) Comments: Mentioned in sales literature for the Binaural Signal Generator as "Unique circuitry" that "maintains a stable beat without need for trimming or periodic adjustment."

Patent Number 5097821 Marketed as Somatron (TM) Title unknown

Patent Number 5143055 Marketed as Somatron (TM) Title unknown

Patent Number 4902274 Issue Year 90 State/Country AZ Size 8 pages Inventor Gleeson, William J. Title Multiple Afferent Sensory Stimulation Device Comments: Light and sound device employing a 4 track cassette player as a controller.

Patent Number 4834701 Issue Year 89 State/Country Osaka, Japan Inventor Masaki, Kazumi Title Apparatus for Inducing Frequency Reduction in Brain Wave Comments: Employs binaural beats.

Patent Number 4889526 Issue Year 89 State/Country CA Title NON-INVASIVE METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR MODULATING BRAIN SIGNALS THROUGH AN EXTERNAL MAGNETIC OR ELECTRIC FIELD TO REDUCE PAIN Comments: Employs two magnetic fields to produce a beat frequency in the brain.

Patent Number 4777937 Issue Year 88 State/Country NY Size 4 pages Marketed as Tranquilite Inventor Rush, Charles. Guinan, Peter J. Title Mood Altering Device Comments: It employs an electroluminescent strip to produce the ganzfeld effect.

Patent Number 4335710 Issue Year 82 State/Country OH Size 5 pages Inventor Williamson, John D. Title Device for the Induction of Specific Brain Wave Patterns Comments: Sound device.

Patent Number 3850161 Issue Year 74 State/Country NJ Title Method and Apparatus for Monitoring and Counteracting Excess Brain Electrical Energy to Prevent Epileptic Seizures and the Like

Patent Number 4977895 Issue Year 90 State/Country ILX Title Electrical Apparatus for Medical Treatment Comments: neuro-stimulator.

Patent Number 4418687 Issue Year 83 State/Country Japan Title Electric Sleep Inducer

Patent Number 4412533 Issue Year 83 State/Country TX Title Sleep-Inducing Device

Patent Number 3993043 Issue Year 76 State/Country NY Title Portable Sleep Inducer

Patent Number 3884218 Issue Year 75 State/Country VA Marketed as Hemi-sync (tm) Inventor Robert A. Monroe Title Method of Inducing and Maintaining Various Stages of Sleep in the Human Being

Patent Number 3799153 Issue Year 74 State/Country AR Title Sleep-Inducing Device

Patent Number 3762396 Issue Year 73 State/Country CT Title Method and Apparatus for Inducing Sleep by Applying Electrical Pulses to Plural Portions of the Head.

Patent Number 3712292 Issue Year 73 State/Country VA Title Method and Apparatus for Producing Swept Frequency Modulated Audio Signal Patterns for Inducing Sleep

Patent Number 3576185 Issue Year 71 State/Country DEX Title Sleep Inducing Method and Arrangement Using Modulated Sound and Light

Patent Number 4940453 Issue Year 90 State/Country WA Title Method and Apparatus for Magnetically Stimulating Neurons

Patent Number 4331157 Issue Year 82 State/Country FL Title Mutually Non-interfering Transcutaneous Nerve Stimulation and Patient Monitoring

Patent Number D254268 Issue Year 80 State/Country CA Title Electrical Neurological Stimulator

Patent Number 4282864 Issue Year 81 State/Country DC Title Method and Apparatus for Inducing a Pre-Hypntoic State

Patent Number 4352351 Issue Year 82 State/Country SUX Title Electronarcosis Apparatus

Patent Number 3626926 Issue Year 71 State/Country SUX Title Apparatus for Controlled Inhibition of the Central Nervous System in Man or Animal. Mostly for Electronarcosis

Patent Number 3803325 Issue Year 74 State/Country NY Title Central Nervous System Stimulation

Patent Number 3837331 Issue Year 74 State/Country CA Title System and Method for Controlling the Nervous System of a Living Organism

Patent Number 3989051 Issue Year 76 State/Country SUX Title Apparatus for Current Pulse Action Upon Central Nervous System

Patent Number 4134975 Issue Year 79 State/Country NJ Title Stimulating the Central Nervous System

Patent Number 3967616 Issue Year 76 State/Country CA Title Multichannel System for and a Multifactorial Method of Controlling the Nervous System of a Living Organism

Patent Number 3918461 Issue Year 75 State/Country NY Title Method for Electrically Stimulating the Human Brain

Patent Number 4315502 Issue Year 82 State/Country OH Marketed as Synchro-energizer (tm) Inventor Denis Gorges Title Learning-Relaxation Device Comments: Light/sound device.

Patent Number 4987896 Issue Year 91 State/Country Japan Title Apparatus for Increasing the Activity of the Human Brain

Patent number 4008714 Issue Year 77 State/Country TX Title Brain Wave Correlation System and Method of Delivering a Recorded Program of Material Educational in Content

Patent Number 4979508 Issue Year 90 State/Country CA Title Apparatus for Generating Phosphenes Comments: Applies low voltage to the sides of the head, resulting in eyes-closed visual images.

Patent Number 4388918 Issue Year 83 State/Country TX Title Mental Harmonization Process Comments: Claims to induce hemispheric synchrony using different colors shown to each eye.

Patent Number 4865048 Issue Year 89 State/Country NY Inventor Harold D. Eckerson Title Method and Apparatus for Drug Free Neurostimulation Comments: Stimulates endorphin production by delivering current to the mastoid bones under the ears with what looks like a walkman headset. The inventor claims the device can be used to treat drug and alcohol addiction. Looks very similar in structure to Bob Beck's "BT-5 Brain Tuner" device.

Patent Number 4735199 Issue Year 88 State/Country PA Title Dream Detection Method and System

Patent Number 4863259 Issue Year 89 State/Country IL Title Rapid Eye Movement Sleep State Detector

Patent Number 4836219 Issue Year 89 State/Country MA Title Electronic Sleep Monitor Headgear

Patent Number 3951134 Issue Year State/Country Title Apparatus and Method for Remotely Monitoring and Altering Brain Waves

Patent Number 4776345 Issue Year State/Country Title Interactive Determination of Sleep Stages

Patent Number 5151080 Issue Year 92 State/Country DEX Title Method and apparatus for inducing and establishing a changed state of consciousness

Patent Number 5123899 Issue Year 92 State/Country AZ Title Method and system for altering consciousness

Patent Number 5149317 Issue Year 92 State/Country AR Size 10 pages Marketed as Inner Quest (tm) Inventor Robinson, Wilbur A. Title Light-pulsing, visual stimulus entertainment device and method

Patent Number 5135468 Issue Year 92 State/Country NJ Inventor Meissner, Juergen P. Marketed as Synchronizer (tm) Title METHOD AND APPARATUS OF VARYING THE BRAIN STATE OF A PERSON BY MEANS OF AN AUDIO SIGNAL Comments: Employs continuously changing binaural beats. The inventor claims that the use of binaural beats in a "strobe type manner" as described in the article "The Monroe Institute's Hemi-Sync Process - A Theoretical Perspective" by F. Holmes Atwater, August, 1988 is a "brute-force method" and is "rarely successful."

Patent Number 5191894 Issue Year 93 State/Country JPX Title Brain wave inducing apparatus

Patent Number 5213562 Issue Year 93 State/Country VA Marketed as Hemi-sync (tm) Inventor Monroe, Robert A. Title Method of inducing mental, emotional and physical states of consciousness, including specific mental activity, in human beings Comments: Binaural beat related patent. Includes C code for generating "Phased Pink Sound."

Patent Number 5330414 Issue Year 94 State/Country Saitama, Japan Size 4 pages Inventor Yasushi, Mitsuo Title Brain wave inducing apparatus Comments: Sound device.

Patent Number 5306228 Issue Year 94 State/Country CA Size 7 pages Marketed as Brain-Storm PersonAll (tm) Programmer (tm) Inventor Rubins, Tye Title Brain wave synchronizer Comments: Light/sound device utilizing a cassette player as a controller.

Patent Number 5259830 Issue Year 94 State/Country Title Aid for inducing sleep or the like utilizing light

Patent Number 5356368 Issue Year 94 State/Country VA Marketed as Hemi-Sync (tm) Inventor Robert A. Monroe Title METHOD OF AND APPARATUS FOR INDUCING DESIRED STATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS

Patent Number 5289438 Issue Year 93 State/Country AZ Size 4 pages Marketed as Spectrum Research (tm) Inventor Gall, James Title Method and system for altering consciousness Comments: Employs binaural beats. No schematics.

Patent Number 4227516 Issue Year 80 State/Country CA Size 9 pages Inventor Meland, Bruce. Gindes, Bernard C. Title Apparatus for Electrophysiological Stimulation

Patent Number 5318503 Issue Year 94 Title Method and apparatus for auditory and olfactory stimulation

Patent Number 5342410 Issue Year 94 State/Country NJ Inventor Braverman, Eric Title Apparatus and method for increasing the amplitude of P300 waves in the human brain Comments: Device for treating alcohol addiction.

Patent Number 5352181 Title Method and recording for producing sounds and messages to achieve Alpha and Theta brainwave states and positive emotional states in humans.

Patent Number 5064410 Title Stress control system and method

Patent Number 4456347 Inventor Stahly, Frederick Title Method and apparatus for facilitating relaxation Comments: Monitors eye movement in order to train individuals to reduce involuntary eye movement. The inventor believes that reduced eye movement leads to a still, zen-like psychological state.

Patent Number 5170381 Issue Year 92 State/Country NV Size 20 pages Marketed as Whole Brain (tm) Subliminals Inventor Taylor, Eldon. Woodhams, James R. Title Method for mixing audio subliminal recordings

Patent Number D320655 Inventor Patten, Terry Title Biocircuit

Patent Number 5382204 Issue Year 95 State/country CO Inventor Green, Glenn K. Title Solar phosphene generator Comments: An improvement on the Day Dreamer device. Photic stimulation toy powered by sunlight and breathing through a tube.

Patent Number 5352181 Issue Year 94 State/Country CA Inventor Davis, Mark E. Title Method and apparatus for producing sounds and messages to achieve alpha and theta brainwave states and positive emotional states in humans. Comments: Accelerated learning device seemingly based on the "Super Learning" technique as described in a book of the same name. Coordinates the presentation of information to be learned with classical music of a particular speed (beat).

Patent Number 5325862 Issue Year 94 State/country CA Inventor Lewis, Gregory W. Ryan-Jones, David L. Title Method and/or system for personal identification and impairment assessment from brain activity patterns. Comments: Interesting patent. Discloses a method of using a "brain print" to identify authorized personnel. Can be used with electrodes implanted in the scalp or electrodes on the surface of the scalp. Another object of the patent is to identify stress, fatigue, drug use, and other conditions related to job performance by measuring brain activity. Orwellian doom-sayers and conspiracy theorists take note. The patent assignee here is the United States government.

Patent Number 4955390 Title PROCESS FOR THE DETERMINATION OF THE PRESCENCE OF A PSYCHEDELIC STATE Comments: Subject is presented with a three dimensional, "pseudoscopic" image and is asked whether it is convex or concave. According to the inventor, when one is in a psychedelic state, an automatic visual inversion that would normally take place will take place "chronologically delayed or not at all."


Go to your nearest government document library. They exist as departments in the libraries of major cities, colleges and universities. Patents are stored on microfilm and copies made from microfilm generally cost 25 cents each if you do it yourself.

It's also possible to obtain patents through the mail. Using this method, you have two options: (1) writing to the Commissioner of Patents and Trademarks, or (2) writing to a patent library. As far as I can make out, the Commissioner of Patents charges $3 per patent of any length for standard delivery - I've been told standard delivery can take up to two months. It's $6 per patent for expedited delivery. I don't know how fast expedited delivery is. Fees may be higher for shipping outside of the United States. Call or write to the Commissioner of Patents and Trademarks for more information:

Commissioner of Patents and Trademarks Washington, DC 20231

Telephone: 703-305-4350

The patent library I use - Boston Public Library at Copley Square - charges 50 cents per page; not 50 cents per patent. For small patents, this seems to be the better deal, both price-wise and time-wise. For larger patents such as Robert Monroe's latest patent - a whopping 21 pages (approx)- I'd recommend using the Commissioner of Patents. How will you know how large a patent is before requesting one? I lost my old collection of patents, so I can't provide you with this information. I rely on you, dear reader, to provide this information to be included in the next update of the list.

* No, I will not snail mail you copies of any of the patents listed here. I don't have the time or resources to do so. * You may obtain text only copies of recent patents (1994+) via the World Wide Web: in the government databases section. Or from my own www site.

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