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Biofeedback by use of electrodes attached to the head can produce a number of altered states that are valued in both therapy and self exploration. The following articles include a do-it-yourself approach to build the tools for your own experimentation.

Addiction EEG Biofeedback and Awakening - an excellent summary of brainwave biofeedback and sacred states of mind. These states of mind are useful in gaining insight that can help to overcome addictions.

Summary of Biofeedback - a technical overview of biofeedback, brainwaves and therapeutic uses.

Restoring Whole Brain Performance - increasing mental powers through biofeedback.

Commercially Available Machines - tools for brainwave training.

Brainwave Machines to Build - books describing how to build biofeedback devices and electrodes.

Neurofeedback - Biofeedback as therapy.

Helping Couples with Neurofeedback.

Flashing Light Feedback - Lights used for biofeedback training.

Build Your Own Flashing Altered State Goggles

Patents for Biofeedback Machines

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