The Story of the Lycaeum's Journey

       It has been quite a trip, but The Lycaeum has finally returned with a change of council. The estimation of our journey from Athens to our new home in Eleusis taking only several days proved to be a miscalculation. The weight of the servers and the tangle of wires trailing behind us during our trek, we ended up requiring more time to complete the pilgrimage. Being stopped along the way by Alaric's troops certainly did not help speed us along. It's not the first time that they have attempted to harass us into revealing the Mystery of Eleusis to them. Once again we feigned our explanation and dismissed the core of the mystery as being merely the symbolic ingestion of pennyroyal, water and barley! I'd say it's a miracle that we managed to convince anyone of that! Shortly after arriving to Eleusis we entered the Telesterion where our server racks were located. The re-launch of the site was further complicated by hierophantes tripping over a heap of grain and completely soaking the servers with the Kykeon! Needless to say, the servers died. The hierophant attempted to bury his mistake beneath layers of clever prose which ended with him mumbling something esoteric about seeds needing to descend into the underworld before bearing fruit. After some serious haggling with Hades, we managed to retrieve the servers. They seem to have gone through a transformation while away. Like any sort of catastrophic structural breakdown, it's the rebuilding process that will define the elevation of transcendence gained by their transformation. We hope to assist this process in whatever way possible - any other assistance from you will be met with open arms.


-The Lycaeum Crew


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